Monday, November 2, 2009

Building a house of fire baby, building it with our love...

We have a show coming up on November 20th and to celebrate, Jason was put in charge of finding an image for the flier for the first time. They grow up so fucking fast. When asked to explain it, he offered this-

I had always wondered what happened to my Puzzle Master (Made in America). It was through this delicately refined roll of parchment that I would come to experience what would be known forever as, "the sour feeling". Now, all I have are these instructions, ambiguous as they are. I found them whilst cleaning out an old dresser, and now I present them to you. I like to think that my Puzzle Master is still nearby somewhere, and not rotting away in some landfill. I like to think that he/she/it is walking across the Rainbow Bridge, hand in hand with my Tim Murphy (Jurassic Park) figure, which is also missing. But I think Kyle secretly has my Tim Murphy figure and has stashed it away with the NOC-List.


So come out the 20th, share a drink with the Puzzle Master and have your pantaloons blown off.

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Justin said...

Makes me wonder where my old toys are.

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