Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That's not our system...

"This board is the future. It's like TRON."

It is an odd thought that a lot of bands have never been in the studio
before and to be honest, until we went I never realized how much I would have a love/hate relationship with it. We met with a random 'producer' who didn't even want to hear our demo of Zoom because he had mixed us a year prior or some other excuse. We did not work with him. We elected to go to PARC Studios and through a series of blunders, miscommunication and some inspired performances we came out with a 6 song live disc that was raw, suffice to say.

The album made us happy and we used it at our funeral themed show
to unveil the new band name as we were dropping the now legendary Studio K moniker. To be honest I almost enjoyed the photo shoot on the Nostromo more than the recording.

The pictures looked like this, without Ripley.

While working on the LV-426 recording we did work with Chris Short in some capacity but it wasn't until Zoom that he was on board full time. In the time between, we put out "Bells & Strings" on iTunes and lost a bassist. Hesitation was felt going in with Chris again but once we began recording, and drinking, things worked themselves out nicely.

"It's not a boxing match unless someone has a broken whiskey bottle."

Chris, with his 1976 David Soul chops, led us through recording all of Zoom in one night and after some slight tweaking of the mix, Zoom was up on 'Myspace', which was like the Facebook of it's time. Within a month it was being whistled ad nauseam on the docks of West Hollywood. About a month later we decided a full length album was the way to go..

Next time.. from doing the Zoom and the perfect shade of orange to the closest thing to having Sarah Palin in your band...